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There are countless fun outdoor sports and activities on offer in the département of the Ardèche.


First of all, the Ardèche River is ideal for all sorts of watersports, from canoeing for beginners to canyoning and white water stunts for those who love extreme sports.


Then, and it is one of my favorite thing to do here, you could take a canoe-kayak trip along the The Chassezac river.


You also have a choice between several hiking trails in the surrounding countryside, that will allow you to explore the magnificent scenery.


If you'd rather be on two wheels – there are many routes for cyclists and mountain biking.


In this region of caves and swallow-holes, caving is a great way to discover the wealth of subterranean wonders in the Ardèche.


You should definitely try what we call "Accrobranche" (Treetop climbing)


You can also go rock-climbing, canyoning, riding, paragliding and so on…


For fun activities for the whole family, try accrobranche (tree climbing), or visit the HARIBO Sweet Museum, the Ferme aux Crocodiles (Crocodile Farm) or, recently opened in the region, the LABYPARC Plant Maze.


Read below for detailed activities in the area.

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